CSR & Social impact

Global consumers expect corporations to play a role in addressing societal issues.  Cause is becoming an integral and increasing part of sponsorship spending, predicted to reach $2 billion in 2017.  With thoughtful planning, businesses can do good for the world, reach new customers, and build brand affinity.

Non-Profit Consulting

To evolve and compete for limited dollars, charities need to take a more business-minded approach to philanthropy.   It’s no longer enough to do good work. To activate major brand dollars, charities need to show a return on potential investment.   And to connect with a new generation of donors, charities need to meet them where they are – on-line and on-trend. 


Talent consulting

There is a tremendous power in celebrity and when harnessed correctly, it can raise substantial funding for causes, bring new attention to an issue, and also support a high profile person's 360-degree branding.  


Endurance & peer to peer fundraising

Endurance properties can enhance a charity program by creating new revenue opportunities, new sponsor activation platforms and authentic celebrity engagement strategies.